the city is your playground


30mph Top Speed Up to 60km Range

Niu Energy

4th Gen. Lithium Battery Technology


14" Wheels Dynamic Display


Anti-Theft Protection

Bosch Motor


Niu App

Full Suite of Connectivity

01 Battery

World Class Lithium Battery

Leveraging intelligent big data, our battery technology reaches even greater potential through continuous performance improvement and efficiency.
Insights extracted from billions of data are at the heart of product research and development at Niu.






Life Cycle


Pick up with one hand

02 Technology

Intelligence thats smarter

The upgraded ECU ensures you feel even more connected to your vehicle.
Increased vehicle data points, optimized data algorithms, enhanced stability for OTA updates and
an intuitive APP that together provide you with excellent control of your vehicle.

Newly updated ECU controller fitted in all new UQi GT vehicles.

Making Riding an Easy and
Fun Experience

View the status of 22 vehicle data points in real time.

03 Security

Robust Anti-Theft Safeguards

Thanks to the latest V35 ECU with enhanced capabilities, the UQi GT offers even stronger protection against theft.

Movement Detection Alarm
Positioning System

Multiple Remote Controls

Check your vehicle status remotely via the NIU APP

04 Performance

Outstanding Performance and Control

The FOC vector controller is equipped with the NIU self-adaptive motor ensuring
smooth and powerful acceleration every time you hit the throttle.

Powerful NIU Self Adaptive Motor
Improved performance with strong and powerful acceleration.

FOC Vector Controller

Our analysis of large amounts of riding data means the self-configured FOC continuously optimizes the motor’s performance and therefore your driving experience.

Sensitive Braking

When you brake in an emergency, the CBS braking system will split braking force between
the front and rear brake discs, reducing stopping distance and ensuring a safe brake at high speeds.

EBS Energy Recovery System

This intelligent system uses regenerative braking to recover battery energy, which extends your battery time and range.

05 Design

Beyond The Norm

Technology That Adds Colour To Your Life

White / Red / Blue / Grey / Matte Black

Smooth Handling, Added Comfort

A comfortable riding experience with ergonomics at the center of design.
The vehicle has been engineered to ensure the body is in a relaxed and natural state at all times while riding.

Reasonable weight
3-point stability
Low center of gravity
Sitting height
Leg angle
Arm angle

Specs Overview