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Oxford Aquatex Camo Bike Cover

£ 29.99 


The Oxford Aquatex Camo is the essential motorcycle/scooter cover. As you would expect from the world's best-selling motorcycle cover it comes packed with useful features and built to last. Designed for outdoor use it offers protection against rain and dust. Local police initiatives have shown that bike covers can be a useful anti-theft device however they can be cut off. Ride magazine rated at as the best buy when tested. The following sizes are approximate, as the covers are shaped:- Small - 203cm (Length) X 83cm (Width) X 119cm (Height) Medium - 229cm (Length) X 99cm (Width) X 125cm (Height) Large - 246cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 127cm (Height) X-Large - 277cm (Length) X 104cm (Width) X 141cm (Height)

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