November 22, 2023

MCIA's Bold Vision: Transforming the UK's Two-Wheel Experience and Paving the Way to Net Zero

The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Britain's leading two-wheel industry organization, is at the forefront of a sweeping overhaul of the testing and licensing system, and they're calling on the support of current riders.

The proposed changes include the abandonment of the current two-part 'Module 1/Module 2' test in favor of a groundbreaking 'CBT+' test. The reforms also target simplifying progressions between classes and reducing the minimum ages for A2 and A license Direct Access.

Under the banner "A Licence to Net Zero – Unleashing our Potential, Licence Reform Essential," the initiative urges existing motorcyclists to rally behind these changes. The MCIA sees the post-Brexit environment as an opportunity for Parliament to streamline what they describe as a 'burdensome, intimidating, and expensive' current process.

Specifically critiquing the system implemented under the EU's 3rd Driving Licence Directive in 2013, the MCIA argues that the prolonged CBT – Theory Test – Module 1 – Module 2 structure inadvertently encourages Direct Access tests over gradual progression. This, they claim, results in a cycle of CBT repeats on A1 bikes, fostering 'perpetual learners' rather than encouraging riders to advance to larger motorcycles.

In its place, the campaign proposes a new, simplified, and hopefully more cost-effective process. Applicants would undergo their Theory Test followed by CBT, granting them AM/A1 road legality for a maximum of two years. Subsequently, a novel 'CBT+' course would bring users closer to full license standards, also valid for two years. The culmination would be a single test, replacing the current Mod 1 and Mod 2 scheme, conducted at an Approved Training body to qualify for a full license.

Further recommendations include lowering the minimum age for A2/A license Direct Access from 19 to 18 and 24 to 21 respectively. Tony Campbell, CEO of MCIA, stresses the need for a comprehensive review of L-Category licensing requirements. While commending the government's recognition of the sector's role in decarbonizing transportation, he underscores the importance of providing the necessary tools for this transition.

The overarching mission of the campaign is to simplify sector access, promote cost-effectiveness and accessibility, enhance road safety, and accelerate the UK's transition to net zero by 2050. For more information on the reform proposals and a template letter to support the cause, visit the MCIA website.