October 19, 2023

7 Must-know tips to choosing the Best Electric Scooter

7 Must-know tips to choosing the Best Electric Scooter

Are you considering the purchase of an electric scooter but feeling overwhelmed by the myriad options available on the market? The good news is that you have more choices than ever as a rider, but selecting the right electric scooter that suits your needs can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we've compiled a comprehensive guide to finding the ideal electric scooter for your unique requirements.

1. Optimal Fit and Comfort

Feeling comfortable while riding your electric scooter is paramount. You'll want a scooter that you can handle with ease, where your feet can rest on the ground comfortably without strain. This ensures smooth maneuvering in tight spaces or a comfortable stop at traffic lights. Keep these details in mind when researching electric scooters:

  • Seat Height: Electric scooters come in a range of seat heights, so consider a test drive to find the perfect fit. Some scooters offer a low seat height, while others, like the NIU MQi GT, are designed for extra passenger space with a higher seat height.
  • Seat Length: Think about whether you'll ride with a passenger. Some scooters are designed for single riders, while others, like the NIU MQi GT, provide ample space for two.
  • Vehicle Weight: Opt for a scooter that's easy to manage and handle. Electric scooters come in various weights, from the lightweight NIU MQi+ Sport at 72 kg (158 lbs.) to the robust BMW C Evolution at 275 kg (606 lbs.).
  • Maximum Passenger Weight: Check the maximum weight capacity of the scooter to ensure it accommodates both you and potential passengers.

2. Durability for Your Riding Environment

Durability is a key consideration when choosing an electric scooter. While many scooters are designed for urban commuting, it's essential to ensure that your chosen scooter can withstand the conditions you plan to ride in. If your rides take you outside the city, onto uneven roads, or through conditions requiring extra toughness, look for these features:

  • Larger Wheels: Consider scooters with 14" wheels for added stability, especially on bumpy or pothole-ridden roads.
  • Ground Clearance: Ensure your scooter offers adequate ground clearance, especially if you anticipate rugged riding situations. Around 180mm (7 inches) is generally sufficient for most conditions.
  • Optional Steel Bumpers: Some scooters offer optional steel bumpers to provide additional protection and peace of mind.

3. Battery Quality and Range

The battery is the heart of an electric scooter, making it one of the most critical components. In 2021, most scooters are equipped with lithium-ion batteries for their lighter weight and higher energy density. When looking for an electric scooter, take note of the following battery-related factors:

  • Removable Battery: If you lack a dedicated charging spot, consider a scooter with a removable battery that you can recharge separately.
  • Battery Capacity and Range: Your scooter's travel distance depends on the battery capacity. Some scooters, like the NIU NQi GT, can travel over 130 km thanks to a dual 35Ah battery system. Consider your daily commute needs and opt for a battery that can be recharged in a convenient time frame, such as 5.5 hours for a 95 km range, ideal for most daily commutes.

4. Power and Performance

Electric scooter power output is measured in watts and directly affects speed and overall performance. While electric scooters are different from their gas-powered counterparts, they're sometimes categorized similarly, with most falling into the 50cc or 125cc equivalent classes. Here's what to consider:

  • Power Output: Electric scooters may be classified as 50cc or 125cc equivalents based on motor power and speed. The former typically requires no license in some countries, while the latter usually does. Ensure you select a scooter that aligns with your licensing requirements.
  • Top Speed: Some scooters in 2023 can reach speeds of up to 62mph, offering ample versatility for your needs.

5. Smart Features for Enhanced Convenience

In 2023, the best electric scooters come with companion apps that enhance your riding experience. These apps provide vital information on battery status, GPS location, and anti-theft notifications, offering added convenience and peace of mind.

6. Choose a Design That Suits Your Style

Electric scooters come in various styles, allowing you to pick a design that reflects your personality and preferences. Whether you prefer a modern look or seek a functional commuting vehicle, consider what design aligns with your tastes.

7. Focus on the Overall User Experience

Besides technical specifications and design, consider the user experience as a whole. Opt for a brand that offers a range of additional accessories to customize your scooter to your liking. Ensure there's a robust dealer network in your country for service and support, providing peace of mind and hassle-free riding.

Ultimately, the "best" electric scooter is the one that aligns with your specific needs and desires. Thorough research, test rides, and careful consideration of the factors mentioned above will guide you toward an electric scooter that offers a satisfying and practical riding experience tailored to you.