Smarter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

A NIU Electric Moped is the way to go.
Prices start from £1996!

Why NIU?

If you’re looking for a smarter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to travel, an NIU Electric Moped is the way to go.Already immensely popular in European cities, they are effective for urban travel in beating congestion and giving people the ability to move more freely around their city.

NIU is the world’s leading provider of smart electric mobility, we want to bring that trend to Scotland’s streets and change the way people think about urban transport.

NIU was founded in 2014, has sold more than 1.5 million electric vehicles making it the world number 1 selling Smart Electric Scooter.

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Cost Effective

NIU Electric mopeds are unbelievably cheap to run. One full battery charge costs just 25p with up to 75 miles of range - that’s less than 1p per mile.

City centre parking charges also do not apply to mopeds, so the days of forking out huge amounts of money to park somewhere will be gone.

NIU also deliver scooters to all of mainland Scotland free of charge.Even better, all NIU scooters are eligible for the UK-wide initiative to pay for 20 per cent of the vehicle cost through the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles fund.

NIU Electric mopeds start from just £1,996 with flexible finance options available, meaning they cost less than a monthly bus pass!

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A greener way to travel

All scooters made by NIU are 100% electric. The scooters are powered by a Removable Panasonic lithium batteries, they’re completely emissions-free and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Along with the added benefit of not having to stop and fill the vehicle up with petrol, NIU scooters also use energy-saving technology. What’s more, NIU’s scooters are virtually maintenance-free, with fewer parts to replace and a smaller environmental impact overall.

Our scooters may be quiet but they accelerate quicker than most vehicles on the road thanks to our Bosch motor’s, with some models doing 0 – 30mph in less than 5 seconds you will be out of the blocks and away from traffic quickly.

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Ultra convenient

For many people, electric vehicles can be off-putting. This can be due to a lack of charging points and with electric cars costing a minimum of 25k it’s just not feasible for most. Fortunately, the batteries in NIU scooters are fully removable and can be charged using a normal socket inside your home.

A full charge takes between five and 8 hours depending on the model, so perfect for charging overnight.
This is especially useful for those living in flats, where installing a home charging point just isn’t possible.NIU has also designed an intelligent app for scooter owners, which means it’s GPS tracked at all times, and is connected to motion sensors which will alert you if your vehicle is stolen or damaged. The app also allows users to upgrade the scooter’s software without the inconvenience of taking it to a local dealer.

With urban mobility in mind, it really doesn’t get more convenient than mopeds. Their sleek and small design means that they can easily navigate narrow streets, and they are perfect for anyone living and working in the city centre. With a maximum speed of between 28-43mph depending on the model, they are ideal for inner-city journeys.

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NIU Assist

All NIU Smart electric scooters come with 12 months free breakdown cover.

In the unlikely event that one of your fleet scooters breaks down, NIU assist is on hand to recover it and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Whether you have a puncture or even a flat battery, we will recover the scooter and bring it to your location or our service centre.

Flexible Finance Available

  • Quick and Easy decision
  • Low Repayments
  • 12 - 36 Months
  • You set the deposit
  • Managed online

Tech Stuff

    All NIU Electric mopeds have different driving modes. We have created a scooter that lets you ride faster and further in your city.
    Slip through winding city streets or cruise down major boulevards with ease. With a top speed of between 30mph (50cc Equivalent) - 45mph (125cc Equivalent) making urban travel faster than ever.
    Our German partner BOSCH has provided a specially tailored motor with a continuous power output of up to 3500w. Get instantaneous acceleration from a standstill.
    NIU's FOC controller dynamically manages the Bosch motor to provide smooth acceleration and incredible riding experience.
    NIU Scooters are equipped with our high-performance Panasonic lithium-ion battery system.  Batteries can be removed and charged at any time from any household socket.

You got questions?

We have answers.

Do electric mopeds require maintenance

Yes, but electric mopeds generally require a lot less maintenance than petrol-powered mopeds. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. No oil changes: Electric mopeds don't have an engine that requires oil changes, so you don't have to worry about changing the oil or oil filter.
  2. Fewer moving parts: Electric mopeds have fewer moving parts than petrol-powered mopeds, which means there are fewer components that can break down or wear out.
  3. Lower maintenance costs: Because electric mopeds have fewer parts that require maintenance, the overall cost of maintenance is a lot lower than for petrol-powered mopeds.
  4. Regenerative braking: NIU electric mopeds has a regenerative braking system that help to recharge the battery while slowing down or stopping. This can reduce wear and tear on the brakes and extend their lifespan.

While electric mopeds do require some maintenance, such as tyre changes, brake pad replacements, and battery maintenance, the overall maintenance requirements are generally less than for petrol-powered mopeds which means you can enjoy lower maintenance costs and greater peace of mind.

Can I ride an electric moped in the rain?

Yes, electric mopeds can be ridden in the rain, but like any vehicle, it's important to take certain precautions to ensure safety. Here are some tips for riding a moped in the rain:

  1. Wear appropriate gear: Make sure to wear waterproof gear, including a jacket and waterproof trousers, gloves, and boots to keep yourself dry and comfortable.
  2. Check your tyres: Check your tyre pressure and make sure your tyres have enough tread for wet conditions. Wet roads can be slippery, so it's important to have good traction.
  3. Reduce your speed: Wet roads can be slippery, so it's important to reduce your speed and give yourself extra time to stop and maneuver.
  4. Use your lights: Make sure to turn on your headlights and taillights to increase your visibility to other drive
  5. Windshields can also be purchased to give yourself extra protection in wet conditions

Are electric mopeds eco-friendly?

Yes, electric mopeds are eco-friendly because they emit no greenhouse gases and have a lower carbon footprint than traditional gas-powered vehicles. They also produce less noise pollution and require less maintenance than traditional vehicles.

How much does cost to charge an NIU Electric Moped?

The cost to charge an electric moped in the UK can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the battery and how you are charging the batteries. However, here are some rough estimates based on the average cost of electricity in the UK:

  • A small electric moped with a battery size of 1.4 kWh should cost around 50 - 60 pence to fully charge from empty.
  • A larger electric moped with a battery size of 2 kWh could cost around 70 -80 pence to fully charge from empty.

How fast can an NIU electric moped go?

The top speed of an NIU electric moped varies depending on the model. Our 50cc Equivalent Mopeds have a top speed of 28mph where as our 125cc Equivalent mopeds have a top speed of between 43mph - 62mph depending on the model

Do electric scooters need to be insured?

Yes, just like any road legal vehicle you will need insurance.
Here is a few insurers we know will give you a competitive quote:

Electric moped insurance usually works out around £80 - £200 per annum depending on your license.

What license do I need to ride an NIU eletric scooter?

You passed your driving test before the 1st of February 2001

This means you can ride electric scooters restricted to 28mph (45kmh) on your car license and you DO NOT have to take a CBT course and you DO NOT have to display  L Plates. You can ride electric mopeds that are restricted to 28mph for as long as your car license lasts.

However if you want to ride Electric scooters that are capable of speeds in excess of 28mph / 45kmph these are classed as L3e-A1 so you will need to sit a compulsory basic training course and display L Plates. You CBT certificate will last 2 years, and it will need renewed unless you pass your A2, A1 or A motorcycle test.

You passed your driving test on or after the 1st February 2001

If you want to ride a electric mopeds restricted to 28mph (45kmh) you will need to take CBT course and can be ridden by any rider 16 or over (who has passed the CBT) as you hold a current driving licence you will not need to take further theory and practical tests or take CBT again, It will last as long as your driving license lasts.

If you are looking to ride Electric Scooters that are capable of speeds in excess of 28mph / 45kmph  this are classed as L3e-A1 and you will need to take a CBT and be over 17 and display an L Plate.  Your CBT certificate will last 2 years, and it will need renewed unless you pass your A2, A1 or A motorcycle test.

You have a provisional license.

Don’t worry You can still ride any of our NIU Electric scooters, however you will need to sit a CBT Course and display L plates. This is the case for both types NIU scooters  that have a maximum speed of 28mph and 45mph. However if you pass you driving test within 2 years of sitting your CBT you will not have to renew your CBT to ride any electric scooters with a maximum speed of 28mph. If you wish to ride any of our scooters capable of 45mph, you will need  to renew your CBT after 2 years unless you pass your A2, A1 or A motorcycle test

How the CBT Course works

The compulsory basic training (CBT) course usually lasts a full day. It can take longer depending on how quickly you learn.

There are 5 parts to the course:

  • introduction and eyesight check
  • on-site training
  • on-site riding
  • on-road training
  • on-road riding

What is an electric moped?

An electric moped is a type of two-wheeled vehicle that is powered by an electric motor instead of a traditional gasoline engine. It is similar to a traditional moped in terms of size and design, but it runs on rechargeable batteries instead of fuel.

NIU Electric mopeds are L1e and L3e vehicle category the same as standard 50cc/125cc petrol mopeds.

How far can an NIU Electric Moped go on a single charge?

The range of an NIU electric moped depends on several factors, including the battery capacity, the weight of the rider, weather conditions and the terrain. NIU electric mopeds have a range of between 30 and 65 miles on a single charge depending on the model. The average total daily commute for drivers in the UK is only 9.4 miles! 

Do I need a special charging point?

No you don’t. The battery/Batteries can be removed. All NIU models can be charged using a standard 13 amp domestic plug socket.

Are NIU mopeds road legal?

Yes, NIU scooters are fully road legal in the UK. The scooters will be delivered to your home or place of work registered and ready to ride! 

At what age can I ride and electric scooter?

Just like the petrol equivalent, you can ride and electric scooter at 16years of age.

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