April 7, 2023

Edinburgh Parking spaces could be turned into mini parks...forcing Edinburgh residents to consider alternative modes of transport

The City of Edinburgh Council is considering converting kerbside parking spaces into "parklets" with benches, plants, and temporary structures to create more community gathering areas. The University of Edinburgh is working with the council to collect residents' views on the idea via a survey. The results will inform the council on whether the concept has potential and what the next steps should be. However, this could also mean that people who currently rely on kerbside parking spaces will need to find alternative modes of transport, such as electric mopeds.

While parklets have already been introduced in other cities like London and Leeds, the council is cautious about the potential negative impacts, as seen with temporary wooden structures erected during the pandemic for outdoor seating on Cockburn Street and George Street. Effective and regular maintenance of the parklets is crucial to their success, according to Council Transport and Environment Convener Scott Arthur.

In addition to benches and plants, the parklets could include play areas for children, exercise bikes, and performance spaces. However, accessibility for people with disabilities and business community interests must be taken into account to ensure that the implementation is well-received.

As the city continues to transform its streetscape, the availability of alternative modes of transportation such as electric mopeds becomes increasingly important. Electric Mopeds offer a convenient and efficient way to get around the city without relying on traditional parking spaces. We believe with the right infrastructure in place, electric mopeds can help make Edinburgh a more sustainable and accessible city for everyone.